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Are you seeking for business partners, producers, buyers or interested in starting a business in another country? Myself and my partners around the world are happy to assist your business and provide consultation in any way we can. Let's cut those cultural barriers and reach successful outcomes through outstanding communications, time efficiency and diligence. 


Please check out my website and see which industries and products I am working with currently and the services I offer. I am happy to find a solution for your business.


Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any inquiries.





I partner with my clients to create and implement high-impact marketing and business development solutions that will drive business growth and boost profits.


My goal is to ensure that all marketing and business development effots are focused on activities that result in a significant return on investment.


I deliver a combination of value-added and high quality solutions to my clients that immediately result in profitability and long-term sustainability.


I bring professional expertise and personal commitment to all consulting projects to help you achieve your project goals.


I offer more than just advice and reports - I focus on results!

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